Chinese Symbol Tattoos

October 13th, 2010 by admin

At the present moment many people take a great interest in Chinese symbol tattoos. Thus Chinese symbol tattoo designs have become the most famous tattoo art. Undoubtedly, Chinese symbols are distinguished by the exoticism and unsurpassed beauty. Their heightened popularity can be explained by the influence of movies and pop culture. In the issue a great number of people from the Western world decide on getting Chinese tattoos.

The reasons that incite men and women to get tattoos are the following: women affirm that they are charmed with Chinese symbol tattoos thanks to their exquisite meanings and themes such as hope, family, love, beauty, freedom, etc. Men are attracted to Chinese symbol tattoos due to their association with movies that have to do with martial arts.

If you are planning to have a tattoo with your name translated in Chinese then, you should know some of the main rules. First in Chinese all the names are put down in reverse down. This means that the last name stands before the first name. Before applying a Chinese symbol tattoo, make certain that all the words have the right translation. It is desirable to discuss the tattoo design with your tattoo artist. The tattoo artist should know what Chinese symbols mean. It is very important before getting a Chinese tattoo symbol to consult a Chinese tattoo master who specializes in Chinese language and culture. This step will help you to avoid getting a tattoo with wrong translation and meaning.

The next rule concerns the custom design. So if you want to have the best tattoo, then you should give a good tattoo design to your tattoo artist. It will take some time and money to get a clear tattoo design but the result will be worth the effort: your tattoo artist will receive a clear tattoo design that will help him or her to understand it. What is more the initially planned meaning of the tattoo will be preserved.

Chinese symbol tattoos represent an excellent way to portray your personality. By following these rules, you will receive a beautiful tattoo as a reward that will gladden your eye for a whole lifetime.

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Why Choosing a Chinese Calligraphy Tattoo?

October 12th, 2010 by admin

Chinese calligraphy represents an art form that is able to convey spirit, state of mind and various sentiments. The calligraphy helps people to render and deeply feel the mood, different feelings and thoughts. Thus Chinese calligraphy is a magnificent way of expression by the means of printed language. This beautiful form of writing has been successfully adapted to art forms, tattoos included.

Chinese calligraphy is an ancient form of art that dates back to approximately 3000 years. It is considered one of the greatest forms of art created and developed in Chinese culture. The calligraphy displays the “abstract” line beauty. Its elements such as structure, line and rhythm are more ideally incarnated in this type of art that in sculpture or painting. It should be noted that Chinese calligraphy includes 120 separate expressions, created by great masters. The graceful art known as Chinese calligraphy is found practically everywhere from picture and art galleries to tattoo salons.

It is worth mentioning that the beauty, grace and elegance of Chinese calligraphy explain the availability of heightened interest in calligraphy tattoo designs among a great number of tattoo enthusiasts. Thus those who so desire to get a Chinese calligraphy tattoo have the possibility to choose between different styles of calligraphy such as classic, traditional (used in old times), grass style, etc. The main thing is to decide upon the most appropriate word, sentence, name, saying or phrase that corresponds to your character or feelings. Think about the depth of expression and meanings of every calligraphy pattern offered to you that can arouse your greatest interest or evoke some important memories to you. Of course it may take some time, as the process of careful searching on Chinese calligraphy or even Chinese culture and traditions to find the most ideal tattoo design for you is of very great importance.

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Phoenix Tattoo Designs

October 12th, 2010 by admin

The phoenix represents a mythical being. Nowadays it is one of the most favorite and popular tattoo designs as the phoenix is considered the embodiment of something mythological and mysterious. This creature is associated with the red color and its element is fire. The significance of this mythological bird has to do with such symbols as revival, renewal and life. Owing to these reasons, the phoenix is described as a majestic and impressive bird.

In China the phoenix is called Fenghuang. This mythological creature represented the empress. In Chinese culture the phoenix had the role of the leader of all birds and it was considered to be the second most important being (after the dragon). Thus with the Chinese, the phoenix was of great importance. Only the Chinese Empress possessed the right to wear the phoenix as a symbol that stood for the embodiment of yin and yang, goodness and grace.

Chinese phoenix tattoo designs symbolize the following:

· Goodness and grace;

· The unity of yin and yang;

· Peace and harmony in the world.

The combination of a phoenix and dragon tattoos stands for the union of the married couple (yin and yang).

It is also worth mentioning that the creature in question played a very important role in other cultures as well. For instance, in some Jewish myths the phoenix was portrayed as a living creature that lived in the Garden of Eden and never tried the forbidden fruit of Good and Evil from the tree of Knowledge. The phoenix was also of great significance for Japanese culture. The Japanese often intertwine this bird with the dragon for their tattoo designs. Such tattoos serve as a symbol of yin and yang that include the best qualities of men and women together. Consequently, in each culture the phoenix can be associated with such good qualities as goodness, duty and reliability.

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Why are Chinese Tattoos so Popular?

October 12th, 2010 by admin

People make a decision on having themselves tattooed for different reasons. A tattoo can represent a special meaning or it can indicate about a great event in somebody’s life. Some people consider tattoo to be a way of body decoration. Nowadays the popularity of tattoos can be explained by the influence of media. In many movies one can see actors and actresses who have a tattoo that makes them look more attractive and sexy. However nobody will deny that every person is guided by personal considerations when getting a tattoo.

As regards Chinese tattoos, they have become a modern tendency in the Western world. Kanji that represent Chinese characters and are used in writing system have enjoyed wide popularity in the whole world. Currently they are considered one of the most popular tattoo designs. There are a number of reasons to explain the popularity of Chinese tattoos in the United States and Europe.

· One small character can conceal a great sense and meaning. Thus it can tell about a great deal. It is also a great possibility to make a tattoo very personal and intimate as Chinese characters can be only understood by its owner or by the native speakers of Chinese.

· The symbolic language of a Chinese tattoo is distinguished by the unique and original sense. It is covered with and air of mystery.

· Small kanji tattoos are accepted even by the most conservative persons;

· Chinese symbol tattoos can be associated with a level of serenity, placidity and tranquility that differ from the philosophies of the Western world.

· Different cultures and languages that appeared and developed in the East are known by their constancy. They are distinguished by refinement, mysteriousness and elegancy that can not be offered by plain languages.

In addition Chinese tattoos look very good. However before deciding on getting a tattoo, one should be sure in the correctness of the translation. It may happen that two similar characters can have absolutely diverse meanings.

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Chinese Tattoo Ideas

October 11th, 2010 by admin

There are a great number of Chinese tattoo designs to choose from such as plant and animal symbols, religious symbols and characters. Each Chinese symbol is considered to be very beautiful, mysterious, significant and meaningful. However a rainbow of tattoo patterns does not always mean a simple decision. How to choose the most appropriate Chinese tattoo that would correspond to your characters and views? This article offers some of the most popular Chinese tattoo ideas.

Chinese Characters

Chinese writing is undoubtedly considered to be an art. Each character stands for an object. If you decide in favor of character tattoo, you may imprint in your body a word, saying, sentence or a poem. This kind of tattoo will look very elegant and beautiful covered with an air of mystery. In addition, Chinese characters can be very personal as its meaning won’t be understood by everybody. The main thing is to find an experienced tattoo artist who knows much about Chinese culture and characters. The most popular character tattoos stand for friendship, love, family, happiness, faith, hope, peace, bravery, etc. You may choose another symbols and meanings that you consider to be very important.


Chinese cranes symbolize longevity and prosperity. It is believed that this symbol brings luck, wealth and health to persons. A deer is a symbol of gracefulness and powers of endurance. One of the tattoo design ideas is to ink a pasture with a deer and cranes that fly above adding the characters for happiness or life.

The animals of the Chinese zodiac enjoy wide popularity as well. It is very fashionable to have a Chinese zodiac animal that corresponds to your year of birth.

Chinese Dragon

In Chinese culture the dragon is a symbol of mystery and power. The Chinese dragon with horns means the greatest of strength. The yellow Chinese dragon that does not have horns on it is a symbol of knowledge. So when deciding in favor of a dragon tattoo you should decide what meaning appeals to you.

Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang represent a Chinese symbol of balance. The dark and bright sides of Yin and Yang symbolize various things. Yin, the dark side, is female earthy  and Yang, being the bright side, is male and airy. The balance of these forces in nature and people has an influence upon their fate and behavior. Along with Yin and Yang symbol you can add other Chinese characters and symbols in order to combine several  meanings. The balance symbol encircled in a lotus flower means purity and excellence. Yin and Yang enclosed in a heart symbolizes emotional balance.

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Chinese Tribal Tattoos

October 11th, 2010 by admin

Tattooing tradition has been of great importance in a number of Chinese tribes. The Chinese Dai and Drung groups continue to cherish the ancient tradition of tattooing that has been brought down in their tribes. Among the Drung women it was accepted to have their faces tattooed. The girls who were twelve or thirteen of age were tattooed to acknowledge their sexual maturity. The procedure of tattooing was carried out in the following way. A woman doused a bamboo stick in water that contained ground charcoal. Next a tattoo design was applied on the girl’s face. The woman used a thorn of a shrub to etch the tattoo into the skin. This part of the procedure was very painful. Then one had to rub the charcoal in. In the issue the girl got dark blue tattoo on her face. Usually the tattoos were placed between the eyebrows and around the mouth in the form of a diamond and on the cheeks in the form of a butterfly.

The developing of the Drung tattoos dates back to the times of the late Ming Dynasty. In the ancient China wars took place very often. Thus during the times of the Ming Dynasty people from the Drung groups were frequently exposed to the attacks by the neighboring groups. The women could not resist the force of the enemies and thus they were taken as slaves. To reduce the risk of being raped, the Drung women had their faces tattooed. The explanation of such decision was the following: Drung women tended to look less attractive and beautiful for the enemy tribes. Tattoos on their faces served as a certain guarantee of safety.

Currently the Drung groups are not attacked by other tribes any more, but they still preserve the tradition of tattooing. A Drung woman that has a tattoo is considered to be sexual mature.

The Dai people have cherished the tradition of tattoos as well. Dai men and women have tattoos in concordance with the Dai style and traditions. Men placed their tattoos on their muscles and women made tattoos between their eyebrows, on their arms, or on the back of their hands. The Dai people chose between Chinese characters, a tiger or a dragon. The colors of tattoos were usually black and white.

Many years ago the Dai tribes lived close by the river and so they attacked by huge crocodiles. The Dai people made white and black tattoos that were believed to protect them from those giant monsters. Many centuries later the tattoos lost their initial meaning and they assumed the sign of manhood in man and beauty in women. Nowadays the Dai women place their tattoos between their eyebrows to symbolize their attractiveness. Tattoos help Dai people to recognize each other in any circumstances even if they are not dressed in their traditional wear.

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Tattoo Art in Chinese History

October 11th, 2010 by admin

Chinese tattoos continue to enjoy wide popularity among tattoo enthusiasts in the whole world. Chinese tattoos are distinguished by a variety of characters that imply a sense of the exotic and deep meaning.

The history of Chinese tattoos starts about thousands years ago. In China this art is called Ci Shen and it means “puncturing of the body”. Although the art of tattoo appeared long ago in this country, in the majority of cases it has been considered an uncommon practice. Throughout the existence of the art of tattooing in China, it has been regarded as a defamation of the body.

One can find out about one of the most famous tattoos from the legend that tells about the Chinese general Yueh Fei who served the South Song Dynasty. Once the Field Marshall under whose command Yueh Fei served betrayed the South Song Dynasty during the battle against the enemies from the North. And so the Fieldd Marshall took the side of the enemy. In reaction, Yueh Fei decided to quit and afterwards he returned home. Yueh Fei’s mother got angry with him as she could not approve such rash action. She told Yueh Fei that his duty was first. To make her son not forget about that deed, she tattooed four characters on Yueh Fei’s back using her sewing needle. The meaning of these characters can be translated like “Serve his country with ultimate loyalty.”

Sometimes Chinese tattoos were used to mark infringes of the law. Offenders who committed severe crimes were ordered to be tattooed on their face. Subsequently these criminals were exiled into a remote land. Such punishment was called Ci Pei that means tattoo/exile.

Tattooing among women, who belonged to the Dulong tribe, dates back to the times of the Ming Dynasty. Thenadays the Dulong group was often attacked by the neighboring tribes. Women were often taken as slaves. As a sign of protest women from the Dulong group decided to tattoo their faces believing that in this case they would be considered uglier by their enemies. This old tradition has been maintained in this day and age, in spite of the fact that the Dulong group is not attacked by the neighboring groups any more. The Dulong girls aged 12 or 13 are tattooed on their faces. Nowadays this rite is regarded as a sign of maturity.

The Dai group from China cherishes their old tattooing tradition. Dai women usually have their tattoos on their arms or on the backs of their hands. Dai men consider tattoos as sign of strength and maturity. The men are tattooed in such away as to attract attention to their muscles. The most common tattoo designs among Dai group are a dragon or a tiger. Nowadays the tattoo tradition among the Dai people is practiced these days.

The popularity of Chinese tattoos in the West has little to do with the traditions of Chinese tattooing and its history. In the majority of cases people give preference to these tattoos because of the beauty and the exotics of Chinese characters and symbols. Before getting a Chinese tattoo it is very important to find an experienced master who knows much about Chinese history, its language and traditions.

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Сhinese tiger symbol

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Cherry Blossom Tattoo

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Chinese love symbol tattoo

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