Most Popular Chinese Tattoos

April 22nd, 2010 by admin

Chinese symbolism is very popular among the tattoos designs. By means of Internet people discover new Chinese symbols which arouse their interest. As a consequence there a wish appears to imprint the most appropriate Chinese symbol on the body. Chinese tattoos have become a new trend in the present days. It has become a way to express an individual’s personality, his/her beliefs and internal perception of the world. By choosing a tattoo with Chinese motifs it is important not to be deluded by people who do not know much about symbolism of the definite characters. A person should take a reasonable approach to the matter.

By now the following Chinese tattoos are in great requisition: dragon, love, strength, family, Zodiac signs.

1 Dragon
Chinese dragon tattoo is the most popular one. In Chinese culture dragon is presented as a powerful creature that symbolizes fortune, luck and benevolence. It was believed that the magical powers of the dragon helped him to appear in the role of a particular bridge between the natural and supernatural. Persons who showed preference to this tattoo were guided by the principle that the picture of the dragon would attract love, success, wealth, health and protection from evil spirits.

2 Love
The Kanji character which means love is the best variant for two loving hearts who want to be connected by the yoke of love forever. It is a special symbol which will bring even more love and respect in your life. It is believed that a man and a woman who wear this symbol together will never separate.

3 Strength
The symbol that designates strength originated in the Bhiangaghong dynasty’s time. At those times the symbol was used to show the Emperor’s and his royal bodyguard’s power and courage. These days this Chinese character is believed to attract fortune, vital capacity, staying power and health.

4 Family
This Chinese symbol is often used for tattoo’s designs. In Chinese depending on the context the given symbol can stand for “sister”, “brother”, “parent”. “child”. The members of the family who wear this tattoo will be connected forever. According to Chinese beliefs they will be lucky not only in this live but also in all lives that will come.

5 Zodiac Signs
Zodiac Sign Tattoos enjoy wide popularity. One chooses a zodiac sign according to his/her date of birth. It is believed that these signs guarantee good luck for the person who wears it. Not in vain many people who had tattooed themselves Zodiac signs told incredible stories about the getting of great sums of money or meeting their true love.

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