Сhinese tiger symbol

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Cherry Blossom Tattoo

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Chinese love symbol tattoo

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The History of Tattoo

July 15th, 2010 by admin

Tattoos enjoy wide popularity in the whole world. The notion “tattoo” descends from the Polynesian word “ta” and it means to strike something. People have oneself tattooed proceeding from different motives. They have resort to a great number of styles that continue to be created. However it should be noted that the art to decorate a person’s body with pictures, signs or various symbols appeared long ago.

At present no one knows when the first tattoos appeared. In 1991 there a tattoo on a mammy was found out. Presumably the age of the given mummy known as Oetzi makes up about 5300 years old. Thus this tattoo is considered to be the oldest one ever discovered.  The tattoos were made in the form of horizontal and vertical lines. Scientists can not come to the final conclusion concerning the destination of these tattoos as the opinions were divided. Some scientists incline to believe that tattoos were used for medicinal reasons as they are situated over different joints on Oetzi’s body. It was a kind of acupuncture. Nowadays the same areas of the body are used for this method of treating. The other ideas concerning the appearance of tattoos are connected with the social status, own preferences or ritual signs.

Many Egyptian mummies that were discovered in the pyramids of Egypt had tattoos near waists. It is believed that women yearning for a child have oneself tattooed near their waists. Thus those symbols designated their goddess of fertility. In Egyptian culture tattoos were connected with the ritual markings.

In Japan the very first tattoo was documented in 279 AD. At those times the main function of a tattoo was a decorative one. In this country tattoos artists were called “Horis”. After many years, tattoos gained wide popularity thanks to the circus artists. The number of tattoos designated the popularity of an artist.

Tattoos are renowned practically in all parts of the world. In most cases tattoos served and continue to serve for accentuating of social status of a person or his/her religion. In many cases women and men have resort to the services of tattoo masters just on the assumption of the decorative purposes. Tattoos can be of different shapes, sizes and colors. They have existed for many centuries and will continue to exist for years to come.

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No Regrets Tattoos

May 14th, 2010 by admin

The meaning behind no regrets tattoos is pretty simple: the wearer wants to live his or her life to the fullest, without guilt or shame; a life full of excitement and fulfillment. The use of this style of art expresses this feeling in a simple, and frequently stylish manner.

script – no symbols or embellishments, just a plain, unadorned statement. Many of these tattoos are done in a flowing cursive, or bold
Gothic script. However, Read the rest of this entry »

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