Chinese Tiger Tatoo

April 22nd, 2010 by admin

The meanings of a Chinese tiger tattoo are power, ferocity, passion, beauty, speed, sensuality, and anger. The meanings of a tiger as an animal number a wide range of variants. Sometimes they are used in order to show power and beliefs of an individual. A beaten tiger stands for the containment or rise of these beliefs. The tiger characteristics include also femenity, authority, cunning and wrath. In some countries of the Eastern World tigers are considered to be “Kings of animals”.

If you think that some of these characteristics are peculiar to you and consequently you want to depict the image on your body first of all you should carefully weigh all pros and cons. The decision of tattooing is very responsible. You should be confident that your idea is definitive and irrevocable.

With regard to tiger tattoos it is worth mentioning that a person can choose between several types of images. White tiger and the Siberian tattoos are counted among the most popular one.

White tiger symbolizes the fact that in the main you are special and unique. This impression is made on the basis that white tigers represent a rare phenomena in nature. As regards the Siberian tiger tattoo, they represent the power and strength of mind of an individual. It is a famous fact that the Siberian tigers are very huge and majestic animals.

The tiger tattoos can be successfully combined with the other symbols. For instance, tiger tattoos combined with the dragon one enjoys wide popularity. The combination has its own explanation. The symbol of a tiger stands for power, and a dragon in its turn means protection. In the same way tiger tattoos can be supplemented with the pictures of butterflies and flowers, like cherry blossom. Such combinations are fascinating and they keep the eyes of many people.

The tattoos in question may occupy such body areas as the back, the legs and the upper arm.

The symbol of a tiger should be not only regarded in the capacity of spiritual and cultural significance. It is well known that nowadays some species of tigers are endangered. This problem does not leave people indifferent. So by tattooing a picture of a tiger people declare that they support animal rights.

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